Who doesn’t like a vacation? Travelling away from the monotonous life, away from the hustle bustle, and into serenity; that’s what vacations are all about. How about travelling to an unpolluted environment that preaches sustainability? How about breathing fresh air amid pure? That’s what “Agritourism” is all about. It is where agriculture and tourism meet to offer an amazing learning experience.

From farm tour to dessert making class, from picking fresh fruits at an orchard, to a hay ride at a pumpkin farm; Agritourism is becoming a popular concept all over the world, as well as in India. This concept offers vast opportunities for tourists to experience the authentic ethnic culture of rural societies, and actively engage in agricultural activities. India has some of the most beautiful farm houses and farm stays. Here is everything you need to know about Agritourism.


Why is it important?

Agritourism provides a fresh perspective to the tourists towards Mother Nature, offering both pleasure and leisure. Visitors can get the unique opportunity to meet farmers and learn the process of food production. It takes you closer to the rural lives and lets you enjoy the scrumptious rural food. Agritourism is the perfect choice for those who wish to spend time amid peaceful and natural surroundings close to pristine nature.

Experiences in Agritourism

Witness the unique lifestyle of the villagers. Learn about their age old traditions and culture. Converse with them and feel how warm hearted and simple they are. Seize every experience for a fond memory.

Farm Stay


Travelling to hill stations, beaches and other mainstream destinations are too clichéd when it comes to holiday options. A change is all one needs to have a fabulous vacation. Agritourism offers you that changed holiday experience. To explore the rural ambience and to enjoy the rural life, you can plan a stay in the farm houses along with the other villagers. This will help you understand the unique lifestyle of the villagers and their age old traditions and culture.

Explore the agricultural farms


Roam around the vast acres of agricultural lands along with the group of villagers to get the better insight of the villages. From terrace farming at the Himalayas to desert farming in Rajasthan to the fertile lands of Punjab and Haryana, India’s agricultural diversity is probably the most experiential and educating Agritourism landscape than anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the view of the bulls ploughing the fields; the wells, mountains, forests etc are an added attraction.

Riding around the village


Holidays on farms are a complete entertainment. Ride on the bullock carts along with the villagers for a never before experience. Take your ride to the various nooks and corners of the village and explore the locals and their traditional way of living. You can even take the camel ride to explore the village and the surrounding areas.

Cow Milking


This is one real exciting activity that must not be missed. Practice the art of cow milking from the villagers. Feed the cows with the fodder and chapattis. See how the rural women cook food on the chulas made of mud. Taste the authentic rural cuisine and drink fresh cow milk.

Rural Handicrafts


India has a rich history and heritage of arts & crafts from different regions, and a growing tourism industry.  India’s villages hold the legacy of handicrafts, which is passed on from their one generation to the other. Travellers will get to enjoy the depth of India’s arts & crafts along with the sights and sounds of nearby historical and scenic places.

Fairs and Festivals


There is no better way to understand the locals and their culture than to participate in their fairs and festivals. The seasonal fairs are the best to explore the rich traditions of India’s rural land. Onam, Baishaki, Bihu and Pongal are some of the most famous harvest festivals of the villages. Attending these fairs and festivals will introduce you to the traditional dance and music performed by the villagers during the celebrations.

Touch the earth, feel the freshness, know your food and sing in chorus with the birds. Explore unblemished countryside life where the real India resides.