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Dharamshala Attractions

Posted on July 15th, 2010 by Pooja Chaudhary  |  Comments Off on Dharamshala Attractions

Dharamshala Dharamshala

On Saturday morning we a group of seven friends from Delhi boarded a bus

for Dharamshala. In the afternoon the bus stopped at a dhaba where we had rajma, rice, butter naan and salad. It was really tasty. After lunch we slept for some time and woke up to the views of lush green landscape. We reached Dharamshala after an arduous road journey of around 13 hours. But the moment we stepped into this beautiful land all our tiredness vanished like a dream.

Dharamshala is an enchanting tourist destination of North India located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its sheer natural beauty. It boasts of mesmerizing streams, rivers, majestic mountains, ancient temples, beautiful monasteries and waterfall. We were really excited to explore all these attractions. This destination is also a home to the well known Buddhist priest Dalai Lama. Buddhism is a major religion followed here.

As we set out on our journey we were greeted with overwhelming views of the snow-capped mountains and hills dotted with pine trees. With such an incredible natural beauty, no wonder Dharamshal has been bestowed with the title of ‘Scotland of India’. It is a wonderful town with the backdrop of Dhauladhar Mountains. This town is divided into two regions: Upper Dharamshala (popularly known as McLeod Ganj) and Lower Dharamshala.

We visited the Kangra Art Museum to see the unique arts and crafts of this region. The museum houses beautiful handicrafts such as pots, paintings, sculptures which date back to the 5th century. Then we moved on to the War Memorial which was built in honor of the soldiers of Himachal Pradesh who gave their life for their nation. After praying for them we headed towards the Dal Lake which is one of the famous spots of this region. After covering a distance of 11 km from the town we reached the Dal Lake. At this picturesque lake we sat for some time to get soaked in the natural beauty. Some of the local people had come here for picnic. We interacted with them and found them really friendly.

We also visited Kunal Pathri which is famous for its rock temple dedicated to the local Goddess Kapaleshwari. It is a beautiful temple.

Post lunch, we set out on a trekking tour to Triund which is an amazing place located around 20 km from McLeod Ganj. While trekking to this place we saw some beautiful birds, goats and pigs. Our guide told us that black bear and leopard are also found here. It is the best place for enjoying trekking in Dharamshala. After reaching Triund we treated our senses to breathtaking views, gorgeous greenery and salubrious climate. It was such an overwhelming experience.

Gulmarg Tourism: A Heavenly Trip to a Heaven

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 Gulmarg Tour Gulmarg Tour

I had never thought that my adventure fever would take me to a journey where I could enjoy beauty as well as thrill at highest. The best part was when I saw the Indo-Pak border with naked eyes, and I had goose-bumps. Friends, it was Gulmarg – the meadow of flowers – the gem of Jammu & Kashmir. While going through the Gulmarg tourism guide, I came to know that the place was discovered by the British in 1927 as a superb hill resort. Moreover, it served as a favourite place of Emperor Jehangir who collected 21 different varieties of wild flowers from here. And it was real!!

Anyways, I was lying amidst magical meadows, snow capped mountains, and picturesque alpines that have altogether provided wonderful background for several Bollywood ventures. Although it was a one-day trip, I decided to keep my luggage in a hotel before leaving for some exciting adventure sports. On my way, I also paid a short visit to the shrine of Baba Reshi, a Muslim mystic saint.

My adventure journey in this region of Baramulla district of J&K started from Khilanmarg, where I enjoyed the best skiing of my lifetime. I hired the skis and sticks, snow boots, woollen socks, mufflers, windproof jackets, goggles, and caps. I was accompanied by a ski instructor who taught me the proper way to perform skiing. That short class offered by him was quite helpful in blind slopes.

After skiing for around a couple of hours, I searched for a restaurant where I enjoyed awesome Rogan Josh, a traditional non-vegetarian dish. Next I headed for the Alpather Lake, a picturesque alpine lake that remains frozen until late June. As an adventure seeker, I wished to take the one-day & 13 km trekking route from Gulmarg to the Alpather Lake, but later I dropped the idea and decided to go for a nature walk amidst the pine forests.

I also paid a visit to the gorgeous green golf course in Gulmarg, which boast of being the highest golf course in the world. This way, it was an ideal trip that offered me beauty as well as thrill. The place was mesmerizing. After all, it was a heavenly trip to a heaven!

Ladakh Tour- Exemplifying Natural Beauty!

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Continuing my tradition of exploring the incredible destinations of India, this time I packed my bags and headed to Ladakh in the month of December. Visiting this wondrous destination in the winter is an absolute enchantment. It is popularly known as “Little Tibet” because of its similarity to Tibet in terms of geography and culture. As I reached this beautiful land I felt as if I had landed on some new planet inhabited by only a few people. Here the pure white snow not only cloak the mountains but the roads also. The sights of the mountains, plains and romantic lakes punctuated by beautiful Gompas (Buddhist monasteries) are simply overwhelming.

I along with Mukesh, my guide, started exploring Leh early in the morning . Hemmed in by snow-covered peaks of the fascinating Himalayan range, Leh has bewitching attractions to capture the hearts of tourists. Mukesh suggested to explore Leh on bicycle (for adventure) as it is a small city. I like his idea and we made a move towards the arresting 17th century royal palace with 9 stories. It still retains its old-world charm, despite of being almost in a state of ruin.

The next attractions we visited were the Namgyal Tsemo and the Soma monasteries. After my visits to the beautiful monasteries I decided to dine out at one of the restaurants where we relished delectable momos and thukpa (noodle-based soup). Then we hired a taxi and reached the valley of Zanskar, which has much higher altitude than most areas in Ladakh.

Shyok Valley

Shyok Valley

Its rugged landscape was mind-blowing. We also visited its monasteries, which had their own charm.

The next attraction on my list was the Shyok Valley, which has a great attraction, the Shyok River. As I had come to Ladakh in winter, the river was frozen and the sight was breathtaking. I spent hours enjoying this creativity of nature. As the day was drawing to a close I retraced my steps to the hotel I was booked in.