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Ladakh Tourism for Die-Hard Explorers

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Ladakh, the Moon Land is blessed with all the wonderful elements of tourism. With its snow covered mountains, ancient monasteries, deep valleys and tranquil lakes, Ladakh is a destination to explore.

Ladakh, being a cool place has been my desired travel destination in India. Edrik and I love to explore the various travel places. We went to Ladakh via Manali early morning from Delhi, and it took us long hours to reach the place.

Ladakh TrekkingLadakh Trekking

Making ourselves cozy on a comfortable bed of our hotel room, we shed our fatigue. Edrik was to excited to explore the place and therefore, he got ready before me. After some time we left for the Khardung La, which was snow covered. The extreme cold made us to have a glass of hot tea first, which we enjoyed at an army run canteen.

Finding ourselves amidst a vast river bed that was dried years ago was an unbelievable experience. The snowy mountains will make you leave fascinated with their sheer natural charm. We started our next day with a visit to the famous Pangong Tso Lake. This high altitude lake exceeds your excitement once you start reaching there.

Though it was not easy to acclimatize yet we left no stone unturned for the same because that is what could help us to enjoy our Ladakh trip. We relished the authentic Momos that enabled us to enjoy the extreme cold.

To make the most of our trip to Ladakh, we headed for Nubra Valley. Adjoining a cold desert, this is a verdant valley that grabs your attention at once. To reach the valley, we had to cross the highest motorable road in the world, Khardung La. The valley treasures all the wonderful elements to offer you a perfect visual treat.

Shanti Stupa, LadakhShanti Stupa, Ladakh

The next spot we visited on our travel to Ladakh was Shanti Stupa. It holds my interest since I read about it in a travel magazine. Lies on a hilltop near Leh, Shanti Stupa is a panoramic place. Adjoining monuments add appeal to the Stupa. The unique architecture of the Ladakhi style offers a majestic view at sunrise and sunset. This marvellous symbol of Buddha’s Teaching fills your mind with absolute tranquillity.

How could Edrik miss out the adventure on his Ladakh trip? So we headed for Zanskar Valley to treat ourselves with adventure. Enveloped with lofty mountains and deep-seated valleys, the region offers challenging activities. The Chadar trek in Zanskar is a great experience in itself. We started huffing and puffing by the time, we reached to the valley. It was arduous yet exciting experience.

Realising that our tour was over, we packed our bags and headed to our destination with wonderful memories.

Ladakh Tour- Exemplifying Natural Beauty!

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Continuing my tradition of exploring the incredible destinations of India, this time I packed my bags and headed to Ladakh in the month of December. Visiting this wondrous destination in the winter is an absolute enchantment. It is popularly known as “Little Tibet” because of its similarity to Tibet in terms of geography and culture. As I reached this beautiful land I felt as if I had landed on some new planet inhabited by only a few people. Here the pure white snow not only cloak the mountains but the roads also. The sights of the mountains, plains and romantic lakes punctuated by beautiful Gompas (Buddhist monasteries) are simply overwhelming.

I along with Mukesh, my guide, started exploring Leh early in the morning . Hemmed in by snow-covered peaks of the fascinating Himalayan range, Leh has bewitching attractions to capture the hearts of tourists. Mukesh suggested to explore Leh on bicycle (for adventure) as it is a small city. I like his idea and we made a move towards the arresting 17th century royal palace with 9 stories. It still retains its old-world charm, despite of being almost in a state of ruin.

The next attractions we visited were the Namgyal Tsemo and the Soma monasteries. After my visits to the beautiful monasteries I decided to dine out at one of the restaurants where we relished delectable momos and thukpa (noodle-based soup). Then we hired a taxi and reached the valley of Zanskar, which has much higher altitude than most areas in Ladakh.

Shyok Valley

Shyok Valley

Its rugged landscape was mind-blowing. We also visited its monasteries, which had their own charm.

The next attraction on my list was the Shyok Valley, which has a great attraction, the Shyok River. As I had come to Ladakh in winter, the river was frozen and the sight was breathtaking. I spent hours enjoying this creativity of nature. As the day was drawing to a close I retraced my steps to the hotel I was booked in.