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Tour to Indian Wildlife casts to its Visitor A Nature Lover

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The sound of nature results benefiting to the human lives as the innocent figures of the forests (Animals and Birds) all over the globe are as the ornamentation of wild universe. People in the world ought to get together with such creatures of God, knowing them necessary to wildlife tours. So, I (Michael Phelps) as a blogger stand meaning interestingly to click those who are wild expressed by tongue of human, but are mild by their nature more than the living of the society.

Wildlife Tours IndiaWildlife Tours India

With no word to explain out my empirical trip to Indian wilderness, I am to say what propelled me to tell you step in the forests are known as extinct treasure of the world. In the last month, I landed to India by Airline after I went smart with my travel needs such as Hotels to stay, authorised guide to visit me important of Indian wild-lives and finest travel packages to stand by.

Truly I have been pleased of Indian hospitality, experiencing me as I am special in the hotel as the celebrity among its praisers. After checking out to the hotel, I with my guide (Ravindra) moved to wildlife sanctuaries of Northern India first. Ranthambore, Corbett National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve brought me to come again, if willing to see close to National animal.

I clicked this number-existing mammal there many times and went speechless knowing to India is diverse of its wildlife among other countries. After visiting to Northern site of the country, I was guided to step in North East India where Kaziranga, Sunderbans and Nameri National Park have more footsteps witnessing to love the wildlife.

As a result wildlife in the country has been more known as they attracted me a lot. Asiatic Elephant, Gaur, Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger and Sloth Bear added themselves as jewels of Indian wilderness at my trip within Indian wildlife travel package.

At last, the whole trip was well-planned by my travel guide, with an idea to witness the Big Five of North East India’s National Parks that I have mentioned at my this piece of writing. Happily the luxury wildlife tour pleased me by the wonderful sightings that everyone ought to see however, be it happens in zoo or their trip to wildlife sanctuaries.

On this planet, I would also say that the incredible mixture of rich culture, presence of wilderness and the blow of colourful tradition in India compel me to reserve my next trip to fulfil what were missed by me on this trip.

Truly India has always been a place of natural treasures that is symbolised as several flora and fauna. Wildlife Tours in India come as one of the tours, which provide tourists some of the most enthralling sites that is called “house of wildlife” to visit.

Kaziranga National Park- A Must Visit Destination for Wildlife Lovers

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I was feeling top of the world, when one of my friends, Harshit came to me with an opportunity to visit Assam. He had a great interest in exploring the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India and he has almost visited all the famous India Wildlife Sanctuaries.

As Harshit told me, India is full of wildlife destinations. Some most famous are:

During our Assam tour, we got an opportunity to visit Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful park will make you admire the Indian Wildlife, rich vegetation and picturesque grasslands. The park is perfect for a complex ecosystem consisting of a variety of Plants, Animals, Birds and Aquatic Life.

The most renowned inhabitants of the Park is one horned rhinoceros in India. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 and covers an area The park is divided into eastern, central and western sectors comprises of mountain forests semi-evergreen, marshes, creeks and vast plains that are covered with elephant grass height of 6 feet.

This wetland has a wonderful cover of opulent water lily, lotus and water hyacinth. This park is mostly covered with elephant grass size, making it a perfect place to stay for a rhinoceros horn.

Kaziranga National Park is enriched with wildlife where you can see different animals like Horned Indian rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, leopard, wild boar, swamp or barasingha deer, sambar, otters and wild buffalo. Some other animals that can be seen here are antelope, Hoolock Gibbons, slow loris, pig runt, monkey, golden langur, bison and the bear closed the varieties of lizards, snakes and turtles are opulent in the park.

We were amazed to find the most different birds here like Grey-headed fishing eagle, Whistling Teal, Swamp partridge red jungle fowl, Heron, Adjutant Stork and pelicans.

The other birds we could see in the large garden include Pallas fishing eagle, Bengal floricab, pelicans, Bar-headed Goose, Crested Serpent Eagle, Open Billed Stork, Rose chest Stork Black-necked parakeet, White Stork cable duck wood.

When to Visit?
The best time to visit this national park is in the months of November to April.

Where to Stay?
To offer you a comfortable stay during your Wildlife tour, there are various wildlife resorts in Kaziranga Park. These are lavishly decorated with diverse themes that offer excellent patrons with a wonderful journey. The rooms are tastefully adorned with all the modern amenities and promise to serve you the delicious cuisines.

After visiting Kaziranga National Park, I could realize that a trip to wildlife sanctuary is one of its kind experiences.

India Wildlife Tour

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Indian Wildlife TourIndian Wildlife Tour

The fascination of my heart towards wildlife made me plan India wildlife tour. I along with some of my friends decided to cover some of the National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India. We short listed the following wildlife destinations- Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Panna National Park and Sundarbans wildlife sanctuary.

Since we were going to some of the finest and popular wildlife destinations of India I had high expectations. I had always cherished a desire to visit all the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India and here was my chance to visit at least a few.

Well, almost all our wildlife safaris went great and we could sight a wide variety of wildlife species such as lion, leopard, jungle cat, ratel, hyena, porcupine, crocodile, wolf, wild dog, caracal, hyena, Chinkara and nilgai. The guides were also good and experienced and acquainted us with valuable information about the wildlife destinations and their enchanting creatures. In all the wildlife destinations we were booked in the guest houses inside the forests which in itself was a great experience.  We got perfect opportunity to experience the wilderness.

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

It is the only natural habitat of the pure Asiatic Lions and was established to protect the last wild population of Lion outside the African regions. Located in Gujarat, this Park boasts of around 300 Asiatic lions. It also has around 210 leopards. Its landscape is also picturesque. It has three water reserves where a variety of water birds can be sighted.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

This national park is famous for its Royal Bengal Tigers. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, this park is known for housing the highest tiger population in India. At present the park has around 50 tigers and a variety of other wildlife species. Bandhavgarh is also known as the White Tiger Jungle as white tigers were discovered in the jungles of Bandhavgarh. However in the last 50 years no white tiger has been spotted here. The park also has an ancient fort which is worth a visit.

Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh

It is another famous wildlife destination of Madhya Pradesh. It is a Tiger Reserve attracting tourists from far and wide. Panna is the district in which Panna National Park is located. This place is also known for its diamonds. There are around 200 bird species found inside this park.

Sundarbans wildlife sanctuary

It is a National Park, Tiger Reserve, Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Sundarbans delta in the state of West Bengal. The region of this park is densely covered by mangrove forests. It provides shelter to a variety of animals, birds, reptiles and salt water crocodile. It boasts of around 200 Royal Bengal Tigers.

A visit to all these wildlife destinations was an overwhelming experience for us. I came back home with my own record of golden memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life. Each of the above wildlife destinations had its own wonderful attractions to offer. I was overwhelmed, overwhelmed to the hilt.