Hill Stations in India Serve as Perfect Holiday Retreat

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With its picturesque hill stations, India is a wonderland for vacationers. Famous hill stations in India such as Gulmarg, Srinagar, Shimla, Ooty, Manali and Nainital beckon you for a refreshing experience.

Paragliding in OotyParagliding in Ooty

My wish to enjoy an escape got wings when I got to know that Riyon and Jesica, two of my best buddies were planning to visit hill stations in India. I buckled down and approached them for my interest in this trip and they welcomed my company this trip.

Riyon, an internet freak gathered information about the popular hill stations in India, which included:

  • Darjeeling Hill Station
  • Ooty Hill Station
  • Khandala Hill Station
  • Shimla Hill Station
  • Manali Hill Station
  • Kodaikanal Hill Station
  • Mount Abu Hill Station
  • Nainital Hill Station
  • Mussoorie Hill Station

Considering our budget, time in hand and our interests, we three agreed on second name, Ooty hill station in India. We left from Delhi by air and landed at the Bengaluru International Airport. Then, we all headed towards the hotel by a taxi.

After taking rest and filling up our stomachs with delicious food, we were all set to explore the enticing hill station in India. Enveloped in the green hills of Nilgirs of Tamilnadu, Ooty looked simply amazing with its terraced tea plantations, ochards of plums and peaches, pine and serene mountains. While gazing at the natural vistas of Ooty, I could easy understand why it served as the summer hill station of British.

Wherever you look, all you can see is the sheer natural beauty that leaves you with a refreshing feel.
Sprawling grasslands, dense forests and lofty mountains were looking like greeting us on our Ooty trip. Boating in the Ooty lake shed out stress of daily life and we were back to the hotel with a renew feel. The aromatic tea gardens also became a part of our exploration on our Ooty tour.

Jesica is truly crazy about collecting unique articles and her instinct insisted all of us to visit the Government Museum, which is another popular attraction in Ooty. It treasured the history of the Nilgiri District. The adventure spirit of Riyon took us to enjoy paragliding from the Kalhatty Ghats. Though I was bit scared as that was my first adventure, yet I completed it successfully.

Alas! We had to cancel our visit to Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary as we were running short of time. I, being a nature lover could not resist myself going to the Ooty Botanical Garden. Adorned with a variety of exotic plants, the garden helped me to relax and gain the tranquility of mind for which I always yearned for.

At the end of this mini trip, I was content with my India hill stations travel and came back with new zeal.

Tour to Indian Wildlife casts to its Visitor A Nature Lover

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The sound of nature results benefiting to the human lives as the innocent figures of the forests (Animals and Birds) all over the globe are as the ornamentation of wild universe. People in the world ought to get together with such creatures of God, knowing them necessary to wildlife tours. So, I (Michael Phelps) as a blogger stand meaning interestingly to click those who are wild expressed by tongue of human, but are mild by their nature more than the living of the society.

Wildlife Tours IndiaWildlife Tours India

With no word to explain out my empirical trip to Indian wilderness, I am to say what propelled me to tell you step in the forests are known as extinct treasure of the world. In the last month, I landed to India by Airline after I went smart with my travel needs such as Hotels to stay, authorised guide to visit me important of Indian wild-lives and finest travel packages to stand by.

Truly I have been pleased of Indian hospitality, experiencing me as I am special in the hotel as the celebrity among its praisers. After checking out to the hotel, I with my guide (Ravindra) moved to wildlife sanctuaries of Northern India first. Ranthambore, Corbett National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve brought me to come again, if willing to see close to National animal.

I clicked this number-existing mammal there many times and went speechless knowing to India is diverse of its wildlife among other countries. After visiting to Northern site of the country, I was guided to step in North East India where Kaziranga, Sunderbans and Nameri National Park have more footsteps witnessing to love the wildlife.

As a result wildlife in the country has been more known as they attracted me a lot. Asiatic Elephant, Gaur, Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger and Sloth Bear added themselves as jewels of Indian wilderness at my trip within Indian wildlife travel package.

At last, the whole trip was well-planned by my travel guide, with an idea to witness the Big Five of North East India’s National Parks that I have mentioned at my this piece of writing. Happily the luxury wildlife tour pleased me by the wonderful sightings that everyone ought to see however, be it happens in zoo or their trip to wildlife sanctuaries.

On this planet, I would also say that the incredible mixture of rich culture, presence of wilderness and the blow of colourful tradition in India compel me to reserve my next trip to fulfil what were missed by me on this trip.

Truly India has always been a place of natural treasures that is symbolised as several flora and fauna. Wildlife Tours in India come as one of the tours, which provide tourists some of the most enthralling sites that is called “house of wildlife” to visit.

South India is An Extensive Magnetism of Touristy Attractions

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India is all set to drive you as me acclaiming to the country fruitful of eternal attractions to consider. Each and every state of the country introduces to its visitor with its rich culture & traditions. A trip to South India attractions has made me sure to come over again. I, Harsh Baghel ought to click the unknown characters of history, thus knew better to South India through a tour operating agency from Delhi.

I was given an all-time guide to my trip go pleasant by tour agency that I hired to. I as a photographer to a Travel Magazine in Delhi preferred to go there by all-connecting conveyance, Indian Railways.

On the first day of my trip there, I considered best to my South India tours packages that assured me having a well-planned journey to some of the most fascinating allures of this biggest jaunt of the nature lovers, adventure freaks, honeymooners and numerous avid travellers. Also I was offered warm hospitality availing finest hotel to rest there.

On the second day, this south India trip came as one of the best tourist suits exploring the wonders of this captivating place in their own unique way. Enriched with the hill stations, temples, beaches and the valleys, South India was answerable that gave me a dose of refreshment.

South India HouseboatSouth India Houseboat

Trip to this region of the country takes place as incomplete, if no visit to the natural vistas and exotic wildlife sanctuaries renders. Truly I would say that there is no vacation like a vacation to Incredible South India travel destination. If you are a history buff, an itinerant traveller of cities and an adventurer as me, you have endless reasons to enjoy on a beach and relax on an amalgamation of all the imagines that I had dreamt of before.

On the third day to my south India holidays, I turned to natural beauty of this tropics. south India has many fresh waters lagoons, rivers and beaches that offered me the most soothing and energising experience. There were numerous explanations that I am eager to tell you are especially designed for people to explore and enjoy the house-boating in Karnataka, or the full fun-basking in Kerala.

Apart from the lush green expanses of south India, the states in south India also house numerous wildlife sanctuaries and natural parks. Hereby, I am speechless to say that South India is an apple of tourists’ eyes and it answers all a honeymooner, adventure freak or nature lover thinks to come in.

Nainital Houses for Honeymooners and Nature Lovers

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No matter to chatter more but it flatters to the word a lot when to discuss about Nainital. I as a Software Engineer in Delhi recently came back from a weekend trip to Nainital. I have no wrinkle over my forehead to say Nainital is one of the most-visited hill stations in North India, attracting to visitors keep in their mind to come again. Although, I am not a pen-friend to glorify or defame anything, but Nainital attractions have brought me to share with you my travelogue that is answerable to help you, while minding to Nainital Holidays.

Naini LakeNaini Lake

Hopefully I would mean to guide you by this way of online communication to ease your Nainital Tour. You may take the Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi railway station, which leaves Delhi around 10.30 p.m. and reaches Ranikhet at 6.00 a.m. You can prefer to get down at Haldwani station, and have some pictorials of Nainital sightseeing on your way up to Nainital. From Ranikhet, you come to cab as I hired to a taxi. My taxi driver really was a good guide to introduce us with the Nainital Tourism. There is also an elite list of hotels in Nainital, serving me with the great hospitality. So, I quickly checked in to rest for my Nainital tourist places.

On the first day, the most enchanting view of the Naini Lake had evoked me to wake up early every morning. Merino’s cafe near the Naini Lake was fulsome of delicious breakfast. After I knew special to my trip from locals, Zoo was abundant of the beautiful flowers, but the main attraction in the Zoo was the Snow Leopard. On the way back to the hotel, I banked some enchanting experience such as Merino’s cafe and Zoo.

On the second day to my trip, I commenced for Mukteshwar Peak early in the morning. It is a 2-hour drive from the city. We clicked some pictures of apple orchards on the way. There is a famous temple at the peak of Mukteshwar and the exciting views of scenic beauty.

Mukteshwar Peak NainitalMukteshwar Peak Nainital

My taxi driver introduced me with Ghorakhal tea estate, a beautiful tea garden, while returning to Mukteshwar peak. I inhaled a long of fresh air and the dustless gulp of clean oxygen there. Truly it has been as an important page to my diary.

On the third day, I relished a lot, visiting the local market. I had breakfast of Aloo Poori at a shop in Mall Road, and then went to purchase the souvenirs from there. With a long walk along the lake and several good pictures, I rolled up reminiscing clicks to remind me my trip that was beautiful of majestic nature. Again I hope to go there when to get off the work.

A Colourful Journey with Pushkar Fair Tour with Golden Triangle- Part III

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 Amber Fort Amber Fort

The day began and we left for Jaipur. This colourful city had always allured me with its heritage collection. Unlike the small houses and messy streets, the royal palaces had been the part of my dreams. Also known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is one of my dream lands that I always wanted to visit. As we entered the city, the aura made us realize as if we were in the city of kings.

Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1728, the city still carries the charm of the golden vintage era. We had two days in hand to explore the city. So, we decided to take rest for some time in the hotel. After reaching the hotel, we ordered Rajasthani cuisine items for lunch. The food was delicious. The taste still lingers with our taste buds. After taking a short nap, we started exploring the region. Colourful markets of Jaipur were dipped in the culture and tradition. Each and every shop of these markets was speaking volume about the traditions of the land.

Till the time we were in Jaipur, we explored different regions and attractions including Amber Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. Each of these was amazing. No matter how hard we try to speak about the architecture, glory and grandeur of these attractions, a visit to these places will be more rewarding. We clicked numerous pictures to ensure that we would not miss any memorable moment we spent there.

Our next destination was Agra, the land of love. En-routing Agra, we visited Fatehpur Sikri. This land has the charm and the glory of the old era. Also known as the ‘Ghost Capital’, the land had served as the political capital of Mughal empire in India.

 Fatehpur Sikri Fatehpur Sikri

A visit to Fatehpur Sikri ensured us that our remaining trip would be as interesting as we had imagined. After reaching Agra, we checked in the hotel and we must say that the tour operator did not ditch us anywhere. The hotel was meeting our expectations and the promises made by the tour operator. I and Jerry was craving, so we ordered Mughlai cuisines to taste the cuisines of the Mughal era. The dinner was tempting, we couldn’t resist ourselves to get overloaded. After a short walk, we went to the rooms and took off for the day.

With a wake up call from the Jerry, I opened up my eyes. He told me that we were already late for that day. I started my day in hurry and reached in lobby of the hotel in just 15 minutes. We had light dinner in the hotel restaurant and left to get the ultimate experience of Visiting Taj Mahal.

My wife, Jenelia had told me many times about her wish to visit that symbol of love and I always wondered that what is the special about Taj Mahal. Believe me, in pictures no one can guess the reason of its popularity. Even no one can describe Taj Mahal in the words. I and and Jerry, both were speechless while standing in front of this beautiful architecture. Built by Shahjahan in 1613, this architecture deserves a place in the Seven Wonders of the World.

We also visited Sikandara and Itmad–Ud–Daulah’s Tomb on the same day. After visiting all these places, I and Jerry were filled with royalty.

That night we did not sleep as in just few days we had collected the memories which needed to put into a series. I and Jerry always carry a memory book with us on every trip and try to collect every single shade of the experience in that book. That night was dedicated to that book.

Next morning, we left for Delhi and the journey was over but we were loaded with unforgettable memories and extraordinary ideas for the job.

A Colourful Journey with Pushkar Fair Tour with Golden Triangle- Part II

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The moment we deboarded the train, the sacred aura of the city made us realize that we were in Ajmer. The place is an important destination for Hindus as well as for Muslims. The city famed for different reasons was always on my list of must visit places. Harmonious balance of people from different communities was the first reason that attracted me towards Ajmer. I must say, rich culture and sacred aura are the factors that are making Ajmer popular across the globe.

It was lunch time when we deboarded the train. From there, we drove to Pushkar, our destination.

This small town is frequently visited by the devotees from the nearby locations. It has many bathing ghats and temples but the major attraction is the grand ‘Pushkar Fair’.

The hotel was already booked by the tour operator. As we entered the room, we felt little relaxed. The room was well-decorated and was meeting the promised standards. As we were tired due to a long journey, we ordered some food in the room itself. After lunch, we had a nap.

After exploring the region for a couple of hours in evening, we were back in the hotel for the dinner. We ordered Rajasthani food. It was amazing. After having such mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines, we decided to order only Rajasthani cuisine during our stay in the hotel. Dinner was over and the time was to enjoy the cozy bed

Next day was for Pushkar Fair, the fair that drew us to the incredible land called India. We got up early in the morning as we had only one day to collect the ideas for the job.

Pushkar Fair is one of the largest camel fairs in the world. It lasts for five days and is dedicated to camel and livestock. Different competitions organized in the fair were the attractions. The main attractions of the fair were Matka Phod, Longest Moustache and Bridal competitions. These three drew attention of many tourists. There we came to know that the visitors especially came to the town to participate as well as to enjoy these competitions from different locations across the globe. Traditionally dressed people and beautifully decorated camels made the environment colourful. The day got over and the time was to leave back to the hotel.

We were filled with the new ideas. Again we ordered the special Rajasthani food in the dinner and later we discussed highlights of the day.

Our next destination was Jaipur, the ‘Royal City’.

To be continued…


A Colourful Journey with Pushkar Fair Tour with Golden Triangle- Part I

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I and Jerry work together for an event management company. We both work on incorporating new ideas and themes in our services. We have explored different regions across the globe to take out the best of the events and use the ideas, themes, trends and traditions to add a distinct flavour in the themes.

I and Jerry got a chance to visit India and that too, for experiencing the Indian tradition during Pushkar Fair. A package named Pushkar Fair Tour  with Golden Triangle was booked by our company. We just had to pack our bags and board the flight.

As it was November, we packed some woolen clothes as well. We landed at International airport in Delhi and were welcomed in a traditional way by the representative of the travel company. He helped us to check-in the hotel where rooms were already booked. The rooms were spacious and met our expectations as well as the promises of the tour organizing company. For that day, we took rest and planned to start afresh from the next morning. We had dinner in the hotel itself, the food was amazing. The taste, aroma and the presentation of food doubled our hunger and we had much more than our regular diet. After dinner, we left each other for a nap.

Our next day was dedicated to Delhi. The very first attraction we visited, was Raj Ghat. The memorial is dedicated to ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, the father of the nation. Set amidst the manicured garden, it is a platform made up of black marble that marks his cremation (on 31 January 1948). As it was Friday, we were the part of the weekly commemorative ceremony.

From there, we moved towards India Gate. It is an open architecture of 1931. Composed of granite and red and pale sandstone, it is known as ‘All India War Memorial’. The memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I & the Afghan Wars. Walls of this memorial are inscribed with the names of those soldiers. We saluted there to the brave soldiers and moved towards President’s House.

It is a beautiful architecture of 1931. Formerly known as ‘Viceroy’s House’, it is now the official residence of the President of India. With rich history, the architecture is standing gloriously. Completed in 19 years, the architecture is amazingly beautiful and is spread over a large area. All these attractions were in the vicinity to each other.

Our next target was Humayun’s Tomb. Built in 1562, the architecture is the memorial of Mughal Emperor Humayun. Listed in the world Heritage Sites, this tomb is first of its kind Mughal architecture in India. We also visited Qutub Minar, built by Qutub–ud–din Aibek in 1206. This is not only listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites but also is the tallest brick minaret on the world.

We were tired but the charm of Delhi did not allow us to move back to our hotel. After having a fight between our heart and body, we moved towards the hotel and took rest for the day. We had dinner in the room itself as we had clicked many pictures and we needed to work on them.

Next morning, we boarded the train to reach Ajmer with the help of our guide who was a genuine person and took extreme care of our comfort as if we were his personal guests. During journey, I and Jerry were really excited as in few hours we were about to reach the land of kings. Ajmer, the land that has great history and colourful culture is a sacred place.

To be  continued…

Enjoy A Mysterious Adventure with Roopkund Trekking

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The day I read about Roopkund trek, I decided to explore the region in my next vacation but due to the peak time, I was not able to get even the weekends. After waiting for long, my application for a long vacation got approved and I packed my bags for Roopkund. Along with my best buddy Deepak, I booked a tour with one of the most reputed tour-planners. Since the region was totally new for me and him both, so we preferred to book it with an expert service provider.

We both were very excited to explore Roopkund. For me the reason was its mysterious history and for Deepak the reason was an adventure tour. The first day was of the tour was dedicated to Delhi. Even after spending so many years in Delhi, I found this capital city still has many unleashed faces. After exploring Delhi, the nest destination according to the tour plan was Nainital. I and Deepak were excited because we had never been to Nainital. Exploring Nainital for us was like an added flavour to the Roopkund trekking tour.

The next day, the surprise was Kausani, Baijnath, Mundoli, Nanda Gunti and Lohajung. We did not expect that the tour was going to be this much interesting. The night was hosted by Lohajung, the beautiful place. In early morning, we covered a trek route down into Gyan Ganga Valley and also followed a river before climbing to Didana.

As the days were passing, our adventure buds started craving for more. And then, they were fairly treated with a serious uphill trek through forests. The trip was going smooth but I and Deepak were waiting for Roopkund trek and as we were getting close to the destination, the excitement was getting increased.

We covered several other destinations in next two days including Bedini Bugya and Bagubasa. Finally, the day arrived and we were ready to get the glimpses of the mysterious lake Roopkund.

It was hard to believe that this amazing beauty of the Roopkund had a scaring face too. Also famous as the skeleton lake, this lake made me realize that abundant natural beauty could also be scary. It was getting hard to imagine the condition of the person who first discovered more than 500 human skeletons at the edge of this lake. The time we visited the lake, there was a thick layer of snow, but it is said that if the snow is not thick till date the remains of human as well as the animals can be seen.

After exploring the region for few hours, we came back to Bagubasa. In next 4 days, we explored many other destinations which included Pather, Nachauni, Bhuna, Kanol, Sitel and Rishikesh.

Roopkund trekking tour was over, but my heart was still there with the beauty and mystery of Roopkund lake whereas Deepak was loaded with unforgettable memories of the adventure tour.

Goa Honeymoon-IInd part

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After collecting some beautiful moments of the day at Miramar beach, we came back to the resort in the night. A perfect blend of Goan decor and advanced amenities of the hotel offloaded my tiredness of the day. Manicured gardens, unmatched natural views, excellent room services and above all the warm company of John, I was feeling spoilt during the dinner. After finishing the lip-smacking food at the resort itself, we moved towards our room and took some rest.

To enjoy each other’s company, we spent a lazy morning. After having the lunch in resort, we moved towards the local markets of the state. Then it was time to explore the real Goa. We tried to uncover every nook and corner of the nearby area, which was an amazing experience.

As we were there in the month of December, we could witness the preparations of the Carnival celebrations and before that X- Mas. The state was getting ready to paint the town red. Each and every Goan was excited to make it the best time. These two major festivals of the state have made Goa really popular. Not only Goans, but also tourists from other countries were there to ensure their presence in these most happening festivals.

In the evening, we reached resort. As our plan was to experience the electrifying night life of the state, we collected some information from the resort. After taking some rest, we decided to hit the party, which was organized at the beach. We booked a vehicle from the hotel itself and left for the party.

After reaching there, I could understand why Goan parties are that much popular. Dance, music, fun and no one to stop, what can be more electrifying than that! It was the experience that cannot be expressed in words.

The tour was about to over, till date I wish that we could have extended it to experience at least X-Mas celebrations. Unfortunately, all the hotels and resorts of the state were pre-booked by tourists during that time. So, we packed our bags and checked out on the decided date. We followed the same route to go back.

The tour was short but amazing. I and John will soon plan another tour to Goa but this time we will ensure to hit the state during its celebration time.

Honeymoon in Goa- A Lively start of the life…

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I and John have always been a travel freak. We never miss out a chance to explore a new place whenever we get time. Be it celebrations, occasions or just weekends, our plan was to hit a new place and this was the most important celebration of our life. After marriage, this was our first vacation together. So we planned our honeymoon in Goa, which is the most popular honeymoon destination in across the globe. After deciding the destination, it was the time to search a tour planner, who can give us the best deal and can ensure the comfort.

After a lot of search, we finalized a tour package that was perfect in every term. Starting from the flights, our stay and guide assistance, everything was covered in the offered Goa Honeymoon Tour.

Finally, the day arrived and we boarded the flight from Hong Kong international airport and landed in to the commercial city of India, Mumbai. John was delighted with the comfort in the flight but as I was extremely excited to visit the beaches of Goa, for me it was a long journey.

After landing on Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport, Mumbai, the guide from the tour organizer was waiting for us. He helped us to reach hotel and made us comfortable. Our excitement got double as we were very close to our destination, Goa but as it was already specified and of course it was necessary also to rest for that day, we rested in the hotel.

I could not sleep all night and spent the night, thinking about beaches, churches, culture and the parties of Goa. Next morning, we left for Mumbai airport and boarded the flight for Goa. In just one hour and few minutes, we were there. We were escorted by the hotel representative, who took us to the booked beach resort and helped us to get settled.

At the time of booking our honeymoon tour package, we were offered beach resorts, five-star hotels , four, three and two star hotels and even the budgeted hotels but we opted for beach resort in Goa, so that we can spend a quality time with each other amidst the endless water views. Located at a small distance from Anjuna Beach, the resort was loaded with modern amenities and excellent services. As the journey was short, we decided to explore the beach on the same day so that we could dedicate our next day to other beautiful beaches of Goa.


I and John had spent a lot of time on beaches together but I must say experience at Anjuna was completely different. That evening was just for us. Blue water, velvety sand, feet kissing waves and both of us, that was the perfect and most romantic evening I could imagine. As the resort was very close to the beach, we spent the evening and even a part of night on the beach itself. It was the first day in Goa and we wanted to make it memorable, so we just sat on Anjuna beach and hold each other’s hand. To make it more special, we enjoyed dinner in the moon light on beach itself.


The night was about to over and sun marked his presence with the golden rays and we were still on the beach. Our honeymoon tour brought us more close on the very first day and the beach added the pamperness to that.


In the next two days, we covered Miramar Beach and Dona Paula Beach. Both the beaches were loaded with the tourists and especially honeymooners like us. At Dona Paula, people were involved in different  beach activities like motor-boat rides, para sailing, snorkelling and wind surfing. We enjoyed swimming as John loves swimming and the beach gave us a chance to experience the swimming in endless water.


While on Miramar beach, we enjoyed the beautiful views and calm ambience, which allowed us to unwind each other amidst the sun, sand and sea.


To be continued….