The day I read about Roopkund trek, I decided to explore the region in my next vacation but due to the peak time, I was not able to get even the weekends. After waiting for long, my application for a long vacation got approved and I packed my bags for Roopkund. Along with my best buddy Deepak, I booked a tour with one of the most reputed tour-planners. Since the region was totally new for me and him both, so we preferred to book it with an expert service provider.

We both were very excited to explore Roopkund. For me the reason was its mysterious history and for Deepak the reason was an adventure tour. The first day was of the tour was dedicated to Delhi. Even after spending so many years in Delhi, I found this capital city still has many unleashed faces. After exploring Delhi, the nest destination according to the tour plan was Nainital. I and Deepak were excited because we had never been to Nainital. Exploring Nainital for us was like an added flavour to the Roopkund trekking tour.

The next day, the surprise was Kausani, Baijnath, Mundoli, Nanda Gunti and Lohajung. We did not expect that the tour was going to be this much interesting. The night was hosted by Lohajung, the beautiful place. In early morning, we covered a trek route down into Gyan Ganga Valley and also followed a river before climbing to Didana.

As the days were passing, our adventure buds started craving for more. And then, they were fairly treated with a serious uphill trek through forests. The trip was going smooth but I and Deepak were waiting for Roopkund trek and as we were getting close to the destination, the excitement was getting increased.

We covered several other destinations in next two days including Bedini Bugya and Bagubasa. Finally, the day arrived and we were ready to get the glimpses of the mysterious lake Roopkund.

It was hard to believe that this amazing beauty of the Roopkund had a scaring face too. Also famous as the skeleton lake, this lake made me realize that abundant natural beauty could also be scary. It was getting hard to imagine the condition of the person who first discovered more than 500 human skeletons at the edge of this lake. The time we visited the lake, there was a thick layer of snow, but it is said that if the snow is not thick till date the remains of human as well as the animals can be seen.

After exploring the region for few hours, we came back to Bagubasa. In next 4 days, we explored many other destinations which included Pather, Nachauni, Bhuna, Kanol, Sitel and Rishikesh.

Roopkund trekking tour was over, but my heart was still there with the beauty and mystery of Roopkund lake whereas Deepak was loaded with unforgettable memories of the adventure tour.