Sunrise in Kanyakumari Sunrise in Kanyakumari




Determined not to miss the famous sunrise of Kanyakumari, I and my friend Pallavi woke up early and after relishing a cup of tea walked to the beach for the breathtaking sunrise. Pallavi had ditched me on the trip to Ranthambhore National Park as she had missed the train. But this time she had promised to abide by her words, “I will surely reach on time”. Gosh! This time her entry into the train was quite dramatic, very much like the one made by Kajol in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayege. But at last she managed not to push me into a state of despair this time. My heartfelt thanks to her.

The cool breeze, peaceful ambiance, romantic aura, swaying palms, limitless sky and bewitching waves of the beach hypnotized us completely. It was a world-out-of-this-world. The wind was chilly as it was the month of October. But we were enjoying every bit of the experience. Finally the much-awaited moment arrived. The first rays of the morning light fell on the unfathomable waves making the sea glowing like a jewel. The sight was simply overwhelming and the feeling was heavenly. I captured the blissful sight in my heart and in the camera as well. Pallavi said, “How much we crave for such sights in Delhi,’ where we are surrounded by a ‘sea of buildings’”. She also said, “thank God I could made it to Kanyakumari and I think this time I have overcome my karma of missing trains”. I looked her in the eye and we burst out laughing.

Post breakfast, we were slated to visit the renowned Kanyakumari Temple. Standing at the confluence of the three wonderful oceans, it is 3000 year old temple. Its extraordinary location and architectural beauty are its striking features. It is also laced with a legend, which is quite interesting. Our guide Sarvanan told us that the rock on which the temple is built has the footprints of the virgin goddess Kanyakumari (an incarnation of Goddess Parvati).

The legend goes that Kanya Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati was to marry Lord Shiva but because of some reason the Lord didn’t come on the wedding day, so the marriage could not be solemnized. After this incident the Goddess decided to remain virgin for the rest of her life. It is believed that the rice shaped stones on the beach today are the uncooked grains of the wedding. The wedding feast consisting of rice and other grains were left uncooked and were not used thereafter. According to the legend those grains transformed into stones with time. After hearing this legend we were constantly on a look out for such rocks at the beach.

After visiting the temple I found myself completely soaked in some new found energy. The statue of the goddess was very beautiful and the sparkling nose ring was shining brightly as if endowed with some spiritual power.

Our trip ended with shopping. We bought beautiful souvenirs made of bamboo and wood. Our trip to Kanyakumari rewarded us with great memories which will always remain etched in my heart.