Hampi Virupaksha Temple

What do you have to say about Hampi which is dotted with enchanting
architectural ruins, which take you back in time?. Well my friend Divya had a lot to rave about this historic site and even showed me some of the photographs, which were simply mind-blowing. After seeing the pictures, on the spur of the moment I decided to visit this World Heritage Site.

I flew down to Bangalore, the nearest airport to Hampi. Bangalore is around 350 km from Hampi. From there I took a train to Hospet which is only 20 km from Hampi. After taking rest for some time I feasted on South Indian cuisine and got ready to explore the heritage monuments and temples. Finally I reached the Hampi ruins and was overwhelmed at the sight of the ruins, which really made me feel that I had stepped into a different world altogether. Being a World Heritage Site, Hampi attracts tourists from far and wide.

Our first halt was the Queen’s bath where the royal queen used to take bath. It is a huge and wonderful structure. The next attraction was the underground Shiva Temple . Its location was interesting but it was very dark inside. From here we headed for the famous Virupaksha temple (located in Hampi bazaar), which is the tallest structure in Hampi. It is an eleven storied structure which is truly an architectural wonder. Dotted with many beautiful pillars, the temple is a treat to the eyes. Each pillar is amazingly carved. The Hampi bazaar is lined with shops and restaurants.

Our next destination was the picturesque Hemakuta hill, which offers breathtaking sunset views. As the day was drawing to a close I managed to shoot some great pictures. I and my guide sat there for half an hour and then made our way to the Ganesha statue located between an array of pillars, which is lit up beautifully.

Hampi is not only famous for its heritage monuments and temples but also take pride in its picturesque sunrise and sunset views.

The next day I explored other marvels of Hampi like Vithala temple, the King’s balance, Lotus Mahal and Pattabhirama Temple. All I had to say at the end of my Hampi trip was ‘ wow’.