Known for its Phenomenal beauty, Taj Mahal is the pride of India tourism. Visit Agra to witness the outstanding monuments of Mughal style architecture and add an unforgettable chapter to your life.

Taj Mahal Tour, AgraTaj Mahal, Agra

On last weekend, I with Adey, my best travel buddy left for Agra. From Delhi, we hired a car and moved ahead. It was my first visit to Taj so I was more excited than Adey. We started early in the morning and within an hour, we were enjoying the view of gorgeous landscapes along with cool wind. Experiencing the views of the limitless sky was something, I cannot forget.

On our trip to Agra, everything was looking magical. The roadways, the moving sky and the beautiful sites, everything seemed like inviting us for a memorable experience. After another an hour, we had a halt for lunch. Though the food was simple yet great.

Thinking of Taj Mahal Agra, we reached the border of the city. Having heard a lot about the beauty and architecture of this world heritage monument, I was elated. Built by Shah Jahan, this monument has extraordinary charm that can make anyone wonder. The king constructed Taj in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Of course, we could see how beautifully built it was!

And there we were, standing in front of Taj Mahal and wondering on the glory of this outstanding structure. Agra tourism is all about witnessing the outstanding architecture of Mughal style. The architecture speaks volume about the meticulously efforts by the skilled artisans of that time. With its minarets and majestic elevation, the Taj Mahal looks simply breathtaking. Exquisitely combined, the gorgeous garden further enhances its appeal.

Our travel to Agra was packed with fun and wonderful memories as after having our food, we could also enjoy the fascinating site of Taj during sunset. It seemed like changing its backdrop. With its remarkable architecture, it appears like more of a work of beauty than merely a Mughal mausoleum.

After our Tour to Taj Mahal, we headed for Agra Fort. We sat and relaxed for a while and strolled around for sometime. Lies on the bank of river Yamuna, the Agra Fort stands as a stronghold of the past. Constructed in red stone, the Agra fort sprawls across two km and is encircled by a huge wall that adds glory to the structure. It has the two gates to enter, named as the Delhi Gate and the Amar Singh Gate.

Our tour to Agra concluded and we were all set to off to Delhi with an eagerness to share that memorable experience with our friends.