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Honeymoon in Goa- A Lively start of the life…

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I and John have always been a travel freak. We never miss out a chance to explore a new place whenever we get time. Be it celebrations, occasions or just weekends, our plan was to hit a new place and this was the most important celebration of our life. After marriage, this was our first vacation together. So we planned our honeymoon in Goa, which is the most popular honeymoon destination in across the globe. After deciding the destination, it was the time to search a tour planner, who can give us the best deal and can ensure the comfort.

After a lot of search, we finalized a tour package that was perfect in every term. Starting from the flights, our stay and guide assistance, everything was covered in the offered Goa Honeymoon Tour.

Finally, the day arrived and we boarded the flight from Hong Kong international airport and landed in to the commercial city of India, Mumbai. John was delighted with the comfort in the flight but as I was extremely excited to visit the beaches of Goa, for me it was a long journey.

After landing on Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport, Mumbai, the guide from the tour organizer was waiting for us. He helped us to reach hotel and made us comfortable. Our excitement got double as we were very close to our destination, Goa but as it was already specified and of course it was necessary also to rest for that day, we rested in the hotel.

I could not sleep all night and spent the night, thinking about beaches, churches, culture and the parties of Goa. Next morning, we left for Mumbai airport and boarded the flight for Goa. In just one hour and few minutes, we were there. We were escorted by the hotel representative, who took us to the booked beach resort and helped us to get settled.

At the time of booking our honeymoon tour package, we were offered beach resorts, five-star hotels , four, three and two star hotels and even the budgeted hotels but we opted for beach resort in Goa, so that we can spend a quality time with each other amidst the endless water views. Located at a small distance from Anjuna Beach, the resort was loaded with modern amenities and excellent services. As the journey was short, we decided to explore the beach on the same day so that we could dedicate our next day to other beautiful beaches of Goa.


I and John had spent a lot of time on beaches together but I must say experience at Anjuna was completely different. That evening was just for us. Blue water, velvety sand, feet kissing waves and both of us, that was the perfect and most romantic evening I could imagine. As the resort was very close to the beach, we spent the evening and even a part of night on the beach itself. It was the first day in Goa and we wanted to make it memorable, so we just sat on Anjuna beach and hold each other’s hand. To make it more special, we enjoyed dinner in the moon light on beach itself.


The night was about to over and sun marked his presence with the golden rays and we were still on the beach. Our honeymoon tour brought us more close on the very first day and the beach added the pamperness to that.


In the next two days, we covered Miramar Beach and Dona Paula Beach. Both the beaches were loaded with the tourists and especially honeymooners like us. At Dona Paula, people were involved in different  beach activities like motor-boat rides, para sailing, snorkelling and wind surfing. We enjoyed swimming as John loves swimming and the beach gave us a chance to experience the swimming in endless water.


While on Miramar beach, we enjoyed the beautiful views and calm ambience, which allowed us to unwind each other amidst the sun, sand and sea.


To be continued….


Adventure Sports Options Galore in India

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Indian Wildlife Tour River Rafting

Adventure means different things to different people. For me exploring any part of this world is in itself an adventure and for my best friend Shivani adventure is synonymous with adventure sports like river rafting, trekking, biking and much more. So we decided to take an adventure tour of India to enjoy the beauty and adventure of several tourist destinations of India. We enjoyed river rafting, trekking, skiing and many more activities. We were rejuvenated to the hilt.

India is an incredible land offering a slew of adventure sports facilities for adventure lovers who come here from across the globe. Some of the famous adventure sports of India are:

Rock climbing
This interesting adventure activity can be best enjoyed at Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Mysore, Ramanagram in Karnataka, Bangalore, Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh and Gangotri gorge in Uttar Pradesh.

This challenging activity is meant only for the brave hearts and physically fit people. The Himalayan range of India is perfect for this sport and several other adventure sports. Kamet and Dunagiri (7088) and Nanda Devi (7800 m) are the most popular destinations for mountaineering in India.

White water rafting
Full of thrill and adventure this adventure sport can be best experienced at the following destinations- River Ganges,tons, Bhilangana, Yamuna, Mandakani, Kalisor, Zanskar, Beas, Alaknanda and Mandakani.

This is one adventure activity which can be enjoyed by almost all tourists. Some of the best places for trekking are Kullu, Kinnaur, Ladakh, Spiti, Lahaul, Garhwal, Kumaon and Sikkim.

Angling and Fishing
The lakes of Kashmir, streams of Kerala and the lakes of the upper Himalayas offer great opportunities for fishing and angling.

Travel to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan for enthralling camel safari on the unfathomable sand dunes. And if you wish to enjoy elephant safari, Kerala is the best place. The wildlife destinations of India also provide facilities for elephant safari.

For enjoying the thrill of paragliding visit the places such as Darjeeling, Solang valley, Auli, Gangtok, Sansar and Goa.

A big hit with tourists skiing can be best enjoyed at Gulmarg, Kufri, Manali and Mundali.

Motor biking
It is an interesting way of exploring some tourist destination of India like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Mandawa.

There are several more adventure sports and activities which India offer. Adventure sports options galore here!

Day 1: Shimla- One Can never Get Enough Of It!

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At an unearthly hour my phone rang. I reluctantly dragged myself

Shimla City Shimla City

out of the deep dreamless slumber to receive the call. It was Monika, a friend of mine who I affectionately call ‘my travel comrade’. She is one person in my entire social network who inhabits my world ( a world overflowing with the passion of traveling). Before I could even finish saying ‘what happened, everything alright’ she interrupted in between and said “I and some of my friends are going to Shimla next week. I am sure you are coming”. Her ‘am sure’ clearly reflects how well she knows me. Of course, my answer was ‘yes’.

The next thought that crossed my mind was ‘what about the boss’? Well here I am not talking about taking my boss along (the only thing I like about him is  the presence of his absence). The question was how to ask for 5 days leave. Anyway I was sure I will somehow manage to open up my boss’s Buddhahood, as these five days were the steps for me to Nirvana. For me traveling is tantamount to Nirvana.

After a not-so-bad journey by car, we a group of 7 people ( Monika, Tahir, Shakeel, Sanjog, Abhishek, Deepika and me) reached Shimla, the Queen of Hill Stations at around 8:30 pm. We were booked in the Clark’s hotel, which is one of the finest hotels in Shimla.

Post breakfast, we set out walking towards mall road and enjoyed the healthy and soothing environment of Shimla to the hilt. How much we crave for such a pollution free environment in Delhi. It is a perfect place to unwind.

Our first halt was Mall Road, the main shopping street of Shimla.

Shimla Night Life Shimla Night Life

The interesting thing about it is that no vehicles are allowed on this road, which allows tourists and locals to move about easily and freely. It was constructed during the British rule. It is lined with many showrooms, departmental stores, restaurants, stalls and emporiums. This is the best place to shop for the colorful handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh. From beautiful shawls to pottery items, all are available here.

Post lunch we headed for our next destination, the Ridge Road, which runs east to west alongside the Mall Road. On its east side it leads to Lakkar Bazaar, a wooden craft market. The Ridge Road offers mesmerizing views of the majestic mountains. Other attractions here are the neo-Gothic structure of Church dating back to 1844 and a tudorbethan styled library built in 1910.

In case you wish to get photographed in a typical Himachali dress, colorful traditional dresses are available here on rent. After a lot of struggle to choose the best one for myself, I found an attractive fiery red dress. Deepika chose maroon. The experience was overwhelming.

Kanyakumari Attractions- Laced With Extraordinary Beauty!

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Sunrise in Kanyakumari Sunrise in Kanyakumari

Determined not to miss the famous sunrise of Kanyakumari, I and my friend Pallavi woke up early and after relishing a cup of tea walked to the beach for the breathtaking sunrise. Pallavi had ditched me on the trip to Ranthambhore National Park as she had missed the train. But this time she had promised to abide by her words, “I will surely reach on time”. Gosh! This time her entry into the train was quite dramatic, very much like the one made by Kajol in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayege. But at last she managed not to push me into a state of despair this time. My heartfelt thanks to her.

The cool breeze, peaceful ambiance, romantic aura, swaying palms, limitless sky and bewitching waves of the beach hypnotized us completely. It was a world-out-of-this-world. The wind was chilly as it was the month of October. But we were enjoying every bit of the experience. Finally the much-awaited moment arrived. The first rays of the morning light fell on the unfathomable waves making the sea glowing like a jewel. The sight was simply overwhelming and the feeling was heavenly. I captured the blissful sight in my heart and in the camera as well. Pallavi said, “How much we crave for such sights in Delhi,’ where we are surrounded by a ‘sea of buildings’”. She also said, “thank God I could made it to Kanyakumari and I think this time I have overcome my karma of missing trains”. I looked her in the eye and we burst out laughing.

Post breakfast, we were slated to visit the renowned Kanyakumari Temple. Standing at the confluence of the three wonderful oceans, it is 3000 year old temple. Its extraordinary location and architectural beauty are its striking features. It is also laced with a legend, which is quite interesting. Our guide Sarvanan told us that the rock on which the temple is built has the footprints of the virgin goddess Kanyakumari (an incarnation of Goddess Parvati).

The legend goes that Kanya Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati was to marry Lord Shiva but because of some reason the Lord didn’t come on the wedding day, so the marriage could not be solemnized. After this incident the Goddess decided to remain virgin for the rest of her life. It is believed that the rice shaped stones on the beach today are the uncooked grains of the wedding. The wedding feast consisting of rice and other grains were left uncooked and were not used thereafter. According to the legend those grains transformed into stones with time. After hearing this legend we were constantly on a look out for such rocks at the beach.

After visiting the temple I found myself completely soaked in some new found energy. The statue of the goddess was very beautiful and the sparkling nose ring was shining brightly as if endowed with some spiritual power.

Our trip ended with shopping. We bought beautiful souvenirs made of bamboo and wood. Our trip to Kanyakumari rewarded us with great memories which will always remain etched in my heart.

Hampi Tour – A Visit To The Glorious Era

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Hampi Virupaksha Temple

What do you have to say about Hampi which is dotted with enchanting
architectural ruins, which take you back in time?. Well my friend Divya had a lot to rave about this historic site and even showed me some of the photographs, which were simply mind-blowing. After seeing the pictures, on the spur of the moment I decided to visit this World Heritage Site.

I flew down to Bangalore, the nearest airport to Hampi. Bangalore is around 350 km from Hampi. From there I took a train to Hospet which is only 20 km from Hampi. After taking rest for some time I feasted on South Indian cuisine and got ready to explore the heritage monuments and temples. Finally I reached the Hampi ruins and was overwhelmed at the sight of the ruins, which really made me feel that I had stepped into a different world altogether. Being a World Heritage Site, Hampi attracts tourists from far and wide.

Our first halt was the Queen’s bath where the royal queen used to take bath. It is a huge and wonderful structure. The next attraction was the underground Shiva Temple . Its location was interesting but it was very dark inside. From here we headed for the famous Virupaksha temple (located in Hampi bazaar), which is the tallest structure in Hampi. It is an eleven storied structure which is truly an architectural wonder. Dotted with many beautiful pillars, the temple is a treat to the eyes. Each pillar is amazingly carved. The Hampi bazaar is lined with shops and restaurants.

Our next destination was the picturesque Hemakuta hill, which offers breathtaking sunset views. As the day was drawing to a close I managed to shoot some great pictures. I and my guide sat there for half an hour and then made our way to the Ganesha statue located between an array of pillars, which is lit up beautifully.

Hampi is not only famous for its heritage monuments and temples but also take pride in its picturesque sunrise and sunset views.

The next day I explored other marvels of Hampi like Vithala temple, the King’s balance, Lotus Mahal and Pattabhirama Temple. All I had to say at the end of my Hampi trip was ‘ wow’.

Khajuraho – A Classy World Heritage Site

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For a travel enthusiast like me travelling is like a ‘celebration’.

khajurahoKhajuraho Temple

Snatching a few days from my busy schedule, I planned to explore some of the World Heritage Sites in India. No wonder, for me, travelling was the perfect antidote to the drudgery of fast-paced urban life. India’s mind-bending diversity has always fascinated me and for me exploring this wondrous land is like experiencing the joy of heaven on earth.

My first destination was Khajuraho village, one of the most famed tourist destinations in India. I had done my homework of browsing various travel sites on Khajuraho before stepping into this World Heritage Site. It is located in Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. And fortunately my trip coincided with the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

Known across the world, Khajuraho is famed for its largest group of medieval, Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures. The history of the heritage monuments of this glorious village spans over centuries.

Finally I along with my guide Ramesh reached the temples of Khajuraho to capture their enigmatic, enchanting and erotic beauty. Built in the period between 9th to 12th centuries, still retaining their old-world charm, these temples boasts of overwhelming sculptures. Their architectural beauty is unmatched, in fact, extraordinary. Each sculpture was carved meticulously.

Ramesh told me about the legends associated with the Khajuraho temples, which were quite interesting. He even told me about the various facts about their architecture. I was completely bowled over by the beauty of the temples. I captured the incredible beauty of the temples in my camera to make my own record of golden memories. I also go an opportunity to interact with some Japanese tourists who had come to see the heritage of India. Mitoshi, a young Japanese chap said “I am completely mesmerized by the rich cultural heritage of India”. His words were a delightful treat to my ears.

After soaking myself in the enchanting beauty of Khauraho Temples, I was eagerly waiting to see the charm of the Khajuraho Dance Festival. I reached the Chitragupta Temple, which serves as the venue for the festival. Dancers clad in their best of attires set the state on fire with their breathtaking dance performances, both classical and modern. I bought some wonderful handicrafts from the stalls set at the venue. A visit to Khajuraho was a celebration in the true sense of the word!