After collecting some beautiful moments of the day at Miramar beach, we came back to the resort in the night. A perfect blend of Goan decor and advanced amenities of the hotel offloaded my tiredness of the day. Manicured gardens, unmatched natural views, excellent room services and above all the warm company of John, I was feeling spoilt during the dinner. After finishing the lip-smacking food at the resort itself, we moved towards our room and took some rest.

To enjoy each other’s company, we spent a lazy morning. After having the lunch in resort, we moved towards the local markets of the state. Then it was time to explore the real Goa. We tried to uncover every nook and corner of the nearby area, which was an amazing experience.

As we were there in the month of December, we could witness the preparations of the Carnival celebrations and before that X- Mas. The state was getting ready to paint the town red. Each and every Goan was excited to make it the best time. These two major festivals of the state have made Goa really popular. Not only Goans, but also tourists from other countries were there to ensure their presence in these most happening festivals.

In the evening, we reached resort. As our plan was to experience the electrifying night life of the state, we collected some information from the resort. After taking some rest, we decided to hit the party, which was organized at the beach. We booked a vehicle from the hotel itself and left for the party.

After reaching there, I could understand why Goan parties are that much popular. Dance, music, fun and no one to stop, what can be more electrifying than that! It was the experience that cannot be expressed in words.

The tour was about to over, till date I wish that we could have extended it to experience at least X-Mas celebrations. Unfortunately, all the hotels and resorts of the state were pre-booked by tourists during that time. So, we packed our bags and checked out on the decided date. We followed the same route to go back.

The tour was short but amazing. I and John will soon plan another tour to Goa but this time we will ensure to hit the state during its celebration time.