The moment we deboarded the train, the sacred aura of the city made us realize that we were in Ajmer. The place is an important destination for Hindus as well as for Muslims. The city famed for different reasons was always on my list of must visit places. Harmonious balance of people from different communities was the first reason that attracted me towards Ajmer. I must say, rich culture and sacred aura are the factors that are making Ajmer popular across the globe.

It was lunch time when we deboarded the train. From there, we drove to Pushkar, our destination.

This small town is frequently visited by the devotees from the nearby locations. It has many bathing ghats and temples but the major attraction is the grand ‘Pushkar Fair’.

The hotel was already booked by the tour operator. As we entered the room, we felt little relaxed. The room was well-decorated and was meeting the promised standards. As we were tired due to a long journey, we ordered some food in the room itself. After lunch, we had a nap.

After exploring the region for a couple of hours in evening, we were back in the hotel for the dinner. We ordered Rajasthani food. It was amazing. After having such mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines, we decided to order only Rajasthani cuisine during our stay in the hotel. Dinner was over and the time was to enjoy the cozy bed

Next day was for Pushkar Fair, the fair that drew us to the incredible land called India. We got up early in the morning as we had only one day to collect the ideas for the job.

Pushkar Fair is one of the largest camel fairs in the world. It lasts for five days and is dedicated to camel and livestock. Different competitions organized in the fair were the attractions. The main attractions of the fair were Matka Phod, Longest Moustache and Bridal competitions. These three drew attention of many tourists. There we came to know that the visitors especially came to the town to participate as well as to enjoy these competitions from different locations across the globe. Traditionally dressed people and beautifully decorated camels made the environment colourful. The day got over and the time was to leave back to the hotel.

We were filled with the new ideas. Again we ordered the special Rajasthani food in the dinner and later we discussed highlights of the day.

Our next destination was Jaipur, the ‘Royal City’.

To be continued…